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Applications Help

Packaging robots include case packing, tray packing, food packing, bottle packing, pharmaceutical packing, cosmetic packing, variety packing, pick and place, and any type of packing.

Paletizing robots include case palletizing, bag palletizing, depalletizing, gantry palletizing, multi-line palletizing, and custom palletizing.

Assembly robots include parts assembly, industrial assembly, electronics assembly, and custom assembly.

Welding robots include tig welding, mig welding, flux cored welding, spot welding, stick welding, brazing, soldering, resistance welding, electronic beam welding, ultrasonic welding, etc.

Machine Tending
Machine tending includes CNC tending, lathe tending, grinder tending, press tending, die cast tending, injection mold tending, die tending, parts transfer, and custom tending robots.

Gluing, Sealing, Painting
Gluing, sealing, and painting robots include Gluing robots, sealing robots, bonding robots, coating robots, painting robots, and custom sprayed or custom liquid application robots. Robots can be used for spraying primer, base coats, clear coats, solvent, powder, glaze, glue, adhesives, etc.

Robots can be used to automate many industrial processes