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Mountings Help

Table Top
Many smaller robots are mounted to a table top. These robots can be SCARA, articulated, or small gantry or linear robots. They are usually mounted to table tops in small work cells.

Inverted robots are mounted above the work cell in areas with a limited space. Gantry robots are often inverted but articulated roobots or manipulators can be inverted. Inverted applications are often ceiling supported.

Wall mounted robots are usually mounted to the wall to provide floor space for a work cell.

Floor mounted robots are larger robots which have a larger reach. Floor mounted robots are limited in their envelope capacity especially heigth.

Portable robot mounting is used where the expense of using multiple robot is not fesible. A portable robot can be moved to another location in a short period of time and reset for another process.

Gantry mounted robots are required where the robot is needs to cover an area beyond the reach of the robot. A robot cannot reach long distances and so a gantry is used to span large distances.

Robot pedestals are used with articulated robots to increase the reach of the robot. Pedestal height is set-up to give a robot the greatest operating perimeters.

Robots can be mounted directly on machines for optimal space.

Robots can be mounted directly to the conveyor for optimal space.

Robots can be mounted to platforms, mezzanines, or other stell structures.

Robots can be mounted to almost any structure capable of handling the load.